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How to Take Care of Your New Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Hey, congrats on the big purchase! Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and you’re now part of the movement. An inflatable stand up paddleboard is cheaper than therapy but equally effective, can take you places a boat will never see and introduces you to the most amazing community […]

6 Amazing Places in South America to Take Your iSUP

If your adventures are taking you to South America, we’ll be back in the states silently envying you! Luckily, you’re visiting some of the most beautiful countries on the globe with your iSUP in hand. There’s literally no better set-up. When the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are surrounding you, you can’t go […]

How to Keep Your Pup Safe on a Paddle Board

Got a pup AND a paddleboard? Don’t rub it in. One of the best perks of owning an iSUP is the option to take your favorite companion out on the water with you, although there are a few risks. But trust us, the upsides to cruising the water with your dog completely outweigh any negatives. […]

What SUP is Right for Me?

There are many different types and varieties of inflatable standup paddleboard that are out there. As a first timer looking for an inflatable standup paddleboard, it is important that you make the right decision in terms of which board you end up buying. The activities that you want to perform on the paddleboard and your […]