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SUP Experiences to Get You Feeling Inspired

Jacksonville, FL iROCKER Fan Nancie Lott Searches for Manatees at Fort De Soto State Park with the Help of Her Faithful Pooch Every SUP-er has a special moment they’ve experienced on their board. Sometimes these moments can be life-changing, like that one time when a group of SUP-ers started their expedition expecting calm waters but […]

Studying on an iROCKER is Brilliant

It’s a great weather day, sunny and warm, and you’re stuck in the library. What are you thinking? There’s a better way to study. You guessed it: iSUP study. Can you relate? This is what you need to do. Get your iROCKER SUP and learn to study while SUP-ing. Brilliant, right? This is is not […]

Stand Up Paddle Q&A

Beginner-stand-up-paddle-boarders-having-fun-irocker-boards Stand up paddle boarders having fun on iROCKER boards Trying something new…It’s intimidating. It always hard to speak up and ask question, to help us learn. Sometimes you don’t even need to be new to the sport, not knowing is tough and can feel like the end of the world. Take a deep breathe […]

SUP Summer Time Fun, Out in the Sun

iRocker Stand up paddle board UK

The long winter wait is over and summer is finally here! Did you ever think the rain and cold were going to end? I’m pretty sure this was our longest winter ever. Stand up paddle boarders are dying to dive onto a SUP board again. Less time on the water these past several months meant […]


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We Got The List of Items You Will Need To Take To Have Fun and Stay Warm It doesn’t matter if you’re catching waves this summer or exploring a beautiful lake in the middle of the winter, SUPing in any season is the beauty of the sport! One thing’s for sure, without the right SUP […]

What NOT to do with Your Inflatable SUP

SUP Christmas gift

Our paddle boards are our babies, and that’s exactly how they should be treated. Even though iRockers are just as durable and rugged as hard SUPs, it doesn’t mean they don’t require a little TLC. With proper maintenance and the right amount of love, your iSUP can keep up with you for years and years! […]

How to Take Care of Your New Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Hey, congrats on the big purchase! Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and you’re now part of the movement. An inflatable stand up paddleboard is cheaper than therapy but equally effective, can take you places a boat will never see and introduces you to the most amazing community […]

3 Signs You Need A New Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The most important thing about supping is, you guessed it, the paddleboard that you are using. When you do not have a stand up paddleboard that you can rely on, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A lot of people go supping for sport, while others may hop on their board to do some yoga […]

4 Signs You Bought A Quality Inflatable Paddleboard

Making an investment in anything that you plan to take onto the water should require a decent amount of thinking and analysis. If we all just went out and bought the first surfboard that we saw or the first boat that we laid our eyes on, chances are that not all of those purchases are […]

The Best Places in the Country for Standup Paddleboarding

Anyone who has any interest in outdoor watersports has probably given standup paddleboard a try at one point or another. When you think about what you can do on an inflatable standup paddleboard and the possibilities that these boards open you up to, it is life changing to say the least. These boards can give […]