4 West Coast Spots to SUP on the 4th of July

Here’s a little guide on where to express your patriotism in paradise. Show America some love by SUPing in her beautiful West Coast waters! The natural beauty of the West Coast is what your iRocker and inner yogi is begging for. From the glassy shores of Coronado Island to the challenging whitewater in the Deschutes […]

3 Signs You Need A New Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The most important thing about supping is, you guessed it, the paddleboard that you are using. When you do not have a stand up paddleboard that you can rely on, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A lot of people go supping for sport, while others may hop on their board to do some yoga […]

4 Awesome East Coast Spots To SUP Over Memorial Day

When you are talking about finding ways to explore new places over Memorial Day weekend, ditch your car and go for a paddle board instead. Whether you are looking for some relaxing scenery, some incredible waves, a place to do some yoga, or something entirely different, paddle boards can bring you there. There are quite […]