Having been heavily involved with water sports longer than we can remember, our discovery with the usefulness of paddle boards came early in life. Visiting the coastline, along with lakes and rivers, we found ourselves always wanting to bring our favorite boards along but were not always able to do so. Enter the inflatable SUP era and we have since been able to fly, drive, bike, boat or hike wherever we like with our best iSUP in hand. We feel that paddle boarding has and always will remain one of the best ways to connect with your soul in a way that cannot be accomplished elsewhere. You could be searching for new ways to exercise, find tranquility, discover epic scenery or catch a few fish, but whatever your desire is, paddle boarding will certainly enrich that experience you seek like no other tool on the water. The development of the inflatable SUP has enriched our life experiences so much that we decided to take our years of water sports experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes to develop and design our own set of paddle boards. Through our experience with the water sports industry, we have come to realize that top quality products will always drive a cultural following that stands the test of time. We created the iRocker boards using the best available materials on the market and they are designed specifically to withstand the inevitable harsh terrain you may encounter along your journey. In addition, the shape of the board from nose to tail was specifically designed to enable a rider to handle most water conditions without sacrificing any performance and speed. iRocker boards are fast, durable, stable and built to handle more than just a single rider. In the end our goal is to provide you with the best iRocker SUP experience possible. We’ve Built The Board Now You Must Get Out There And Paddle! irocker logo