Want to Hear All About the BLACKFIN?

Our paddleboard addiction is getting out of hand. It’s gotten so serious that we’re convinced our job in this world is to introduce you to this amazing sport.

You’re a SUP fan, too? Welcome to the club!

Two boards that are near and dear to us are the iROCKER and BLACKFIN. We know what you’re thinking. We have to support them because we build them. But the reality is that even if we didn’t have to support these boards, we still would! We’re just passionate about building high-quality, high-performing, durable and safe boards for our fans to enjoy. Can you blame us?

So you’re probably trying to guess why we created the BLACKFIN model if the iROCKER is already as astounding as we insist it is. What was the point of creating the BLACKFIN model?

We’re happy you asked and happy to answer! We’ll explain in detail what our awesome BLACKFIN model has to offer so you can understand why we’re over here freaking out.

It’s Finally Here: the BLACKFIN iSUP

If you’re wondering “why BLACKFIN,” you’re probably not alone. As technology changes, so do products, and this goes for SUP boards too. BLACKFIN was built to match the progress of technology, which means we’ve tweaked the materials and the dimensions, and we’ve added a few special touches. With the security of the BLACKFIN, there should be no “what ifs” involved.

BLACKFIN more than performs in mostly all water conditions no matter what level SUP-er you may be. Speed and stability are key, which is why we built the BLACKFIN around those factors. The new iSUP can even hold multiple riders. If you prefer riding alone, you still have that option too!

We didn’t forget that rigidity is a factor. With the BLACKFIN, inflate the Model X and you’ll feel like you’re on a hard board. The BLACKFIN is capable of carrying up to 204 kilograms, and it has handled up front and in the rear area for additional riders to hold on to, just in case you take them on a rough iSUP adventure.

There are some small details you devoted SUP-ers will appreciate, such as extra grip on the deck pad and additional d-rings.

Aside from the finer details, we also considered the quality of the board. BLACKFIN is extra-durable. We get excited about materials that are military grade, so we had to incorporate those, of course.

If you’re a fan of iROCKER, you won’t be surprised to learn the BLACKFIN has an equivalent durability level. Don’t worry if you hit into something like a rock, or even a sailboat. The BLACKFIN is so strong and sturdy, it’s sure to float away undamaged.

SUPs don’t discriminate. You can be a beginner or you can be a pro, and you’re still going to crash into rocks or branches from time to time, so durability is important.

Another added feature we can’t forget to mention is the carbon rail on the sides of the board. It helps to add a level of stiffness to the board that you’ll appreciate.

You might be thinking some of these added extras probably make it hard to travel with your BLACKFIN, but nope! The BLACKFIN is just as travel-ready and portable as the iROCKER. It easily inflates in minutes and is just as easy to deflate. For even easier travel, pack it inside this roller backpack.

Wait. That thing has wheels? Yes!

This makes it easy to travel away from the cold weather with your BLACKFIN. Hurry, winter is on its way!

If you’re wondering whether we put a video together to explain in more detail why we love BLACKFIN, you don’t have to wonder anymore. We did! Find it here and tell us your thoughts. Please use the following fields to ask us your questions or send your input.

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