iSUP Tripping around the UK

iRocker Premium Back Pack Carry Bag

Holidays have their joys and their pitfalls. If you’re traveling, lugging along your sport equipment can turn a fun holiday a bit of a hassle. Even a wee duffel is some trouble at airport security. Try dragging your paddle board, gear bag, cell, laptop and everything else you need for your trip, and all of a sudden, a staycation starts to sound like a relief.

Been there. Done that.

Well, iROCKER brings sweet relief to the whole travel with your board thing. When we began designing our boards, we made “easy to travel” a mandatory feature, because like you, we love to see new places. With the current fare war lighting up the internet, this is a perfect time to go somewhere incredible and experience a SUP adventure.

iROCKERS inflate and deflate, so they don’t need a lot of space at home or on a jet. You can stow yours in a closet or the boot of your car. At the airport, they’re easy to check and on a train, simply stow it away.

Tip: Get your iROCKER here before you buy that ticket.

Even if your holiday is at home sweet home, you might want to venture to new water spots, right? We get it. So whether you’re staying close to home or flying off somewhere exotic, we’ve got your back.

If you’re used to carrying a rigid board, you’re in for a treat with an iSUP. You’ll be able to deflate your board in a few seconds and pack it in a hold-all about the size of a large backpack. There’s room for your other gear, too, so don’t worry about that.

Another thing we realize is that with more travel can come more wear and tear. Our team thought about this, too. We use the strongest and best materials we can find to make sure our boards can stand up to the test of time, travel and even bumps from rocks in the water.

Ours are no bog-standard boards. iROCKERs are made with only the highest quality quad layer military grade PVC. This provides extra protection against dings and helps reduce flex compared to single and double layer boards.

Yes, we talk about military grade PVC a lot. That’s because it’s a big deal when it comes to iSUP. This high standard gives you maximum protection and unmatched durability, which adds up to more fun and a better bang for your hard-earned pounds.

If your rigid board is keeping you from venturing out this season, get yourself an iROCKER!  Here’s a short video that shows you just how simple (and fun) it is to get moving with an iSUP.

If you have any questions about stand up paddle boarding, or why inflatable SUP is the way to go, we’d love to help! Use the fields below to get in touch. We love hearing from fellow paddlers everywhere and we LOVE holiday pics, so please send them our way!


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