Why We Think iSUP is Better than Those Other Sports

It boggles our brains when we hear anyone debating whether iSUP is the best water exercise out there. Of course it is!

Yes, we’re joking, but only a bit. Please hear us out.

iSUP has grown in global popularity, and the fact is it’s quickly becoming a staple activity on the water. At iROCKER, we know it really is better than all the rest for health and wellness but we’re here to try to persuade you.

iSUP is becoming a very popular exercise option, even over running, biking and swimming. If we just called out your sport, don’t worry get your knickers in a bunch. We understand that habits and budget can keep some people off a SUP, but we’re going to try to change your mind and challenge you to try it at least once.

Once you try it, you won’t go back because you’re going to love it!

SUPing For Surfers

Surfing is close to a religion for many people and we get that. We love to surf! Surfing can burn about 515 calories per hour and has the added benefits of lots of fresh air and a great tan.

So we agree that surfing is an excellent way to exercise. But what to do when the sea is flat?

Hello, stand up paddle boarding!

SUPing for Runners

Running is a very versatile workout. If you run, you can do it alone, with a mate, or even next to hundreds of other runners. You can run at night, during the day, and in just about any kind of weather. It’s a sport for just about anybody, and doesn’t require a large bank account.

Running shoes, and sometimes specialized clothing if the weather requires it, is all you really need to start running.

Plus, running can burn up to 650 calories per hour and that’s a big win for runners.

But running has its hazards. Let’s talk about joint, knee and foot issues, for example. Also, an illness or pulled muscle can sideline even the most die-hard runner and when it does, then what?

SUPing for Cyclists

Cycling is, hands down, one of the most popular sporting activities on the planet.

Cycling isn’t just a great way to get from point A to point B, it’s also a really great way to get quality exercise. Biking can burn about 500 calories per hour, depending on speed, terrain, and fitness level, all while building muscle and burning fat.

Biking does have some disadvantages, including the amount of equipment the costs of all that equipment. Depending on the type of cycling you do, you need the right type of bike, a good helmet, proper shoes, clothing and safety gear. It adds up.

But safety is another important factor when it comes to cycling. An accident on a bike can be catastrophic. If it’s you against a car, the car wins.

Biking is a is great exercise when you’re healthy and we certainly don’t want to give it a bad rap. We’re simply stating our case for  iSUP, even if you’re a cycling enthusiast.

Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Best

We can think of many reasons anyone and everyone should try iSUP. First and foremost, when you really want to get out on the water, you don’t have to wait for sunny weather to do it on an iSUP. You just need to live relatively close to the ocean, canal or other body of water that is good for SUPing. If it’s cold, wear a wetsuit.

iSUP offers a low impact exercise that works your entire body. You can iSUP during recovery from an illness or an injury, so it’s a great sport for getting active after being sidelined.

What about your fitness goals? Want to work on your core?  What about getting more active? Do you want to lose weight?

Stand up paddle boarding can help you achieve just about all of your fitness goals.

Equipment makes a big difference when you iSUP, but we can tell you that the costs to get started are quite reasonable, especially compared to other sports. For example, our iROCKER starter package is budget-friendly and includes everything you’ll need to start your SUPing workouts.

Where you choose to SUP, how fit you are and how fast you learn to balance and paddle will make a difference in the amount of calories you burn. In general, you can burn up to 800 calories during a one-hour SUP session. In fact, an hour on your  iROCKER can even beat the gym, and we have a killer workout for you here.

iSUP is great for daily exercise or a perfect sport to add to a weekly routine. Did you know you can even practice yoga on an iSUP?

Ready to iSUP? We think you are, and we challenge you to go for it! Then tell us all about your experience using the fields below.

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