Studying on an iROCKER is Brilliant

It’s a great weather day, sunny and warm, and you’re stuck in the library. What are you thinking?

There’s a better way to study. You guessed it: iSUP study.

Can you relate? This is what you need to do. Get your iROCKER SUP and learn to study while SUP-ing. Brilliant, right?

This is is not just an excuse to get more SUP in your life. It’s an opportunity. Besides, these days, most schools offer online study options and ebooks, so why confine yourself to a desk?

All you need to make this work is a little prep. For starters, put your cell phone and tablet in waterproof cases.


If you absolutely must pack a paper book, put it in a dry bag. While you’re packing, throw in an energy bar or two and plenty of water. (This is when the iRocker cooler deck bag really comes in handy!)

Now that you’re packed, let’s talk about the perfect spot for SUP study. It needs to be glassy and calm. This is not the time for a revved-up SUP sesh. You won’t burn a bunch of calories but you will feed your brain.

Remember, you would have been sitting in the library or study hall anyway, so floating on a glassy lake is better, right? You might even decide to sit this SUP sesh out while listening to a lecture on tape. All you need to do is convert your iROCKER to a kayak, and you’ll be all set.

Yes, Study Groups Work with iSUPs Too

iSUP study groups combine discussion with exercise. It’s a classic win-win. To amp things up, think about making a group investment into an iROCKER Big Blue. Up to five of you can ride along, taking turns with the paddle and slinging snacks.

Group study is also great for professional study prep. Maybe you’re learning a new language with a buddy for an upcoming holiday, or studying with colleagues for a professional license. Well then, SUP study should be your new thing.


As always, you want to SUP safely. Always pack sunscreen, water, snacks, a life preserver and a fully charged cell.

Are you totally bored with the library? Good! Get out there and hit the books from your favorite iROCKER. When you get back, educate us on your experience using the fields below. (Get it? Educate us?)

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