Gear Up for Ideal iSUP

We know you’ve caught the stand up paddle boarding bug and we’re stoked about that. And now that you have the same affliction we have, getting out on the water is going to be a daily necessity.

Welcome to our world!

So take it from us, a surefire way to mess up an otherwise perfect day of SUP is to forget the necessary gear.

Have you experienced the frustration of suddenly realizing you left your pump at home? Or maybe right after you arrived at the water, you discovered you forgot your paddle? That’s what we’re talking about. Your perfect SUP day is now ruined.

Remember how mum always told you to double-check to be prepared? Well, mum was right.

When you’re ready to hit the water with your iSUP, you need to be prepared. Gear up for iSUP-ing like mum expects, and a no-hassle iSUP day will be yours.

Gear up with the Right Board

Regardless of where you SUP — canals or oceans, calm water or in the waves — you need a quality board that can handle debris in the water and all of the hassles of travel. Get an iROCKER stand up paddle board. After years of development and looking for the perfect combination of materials and design, we’re proud of the boards we offer and know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Here’s a tip: if you’re new to SUP, you’ll probably want to get the widest board we build. Wide boards give you extra stability to help you get your balance.

Now, if you’re planning to SUP with your family or maybe some mates, a multi-person board like the iROCKER Big Blue might be the better choice. It will give you enough space for up to five riders at once.

Gear up with the Right Accessories

Your iROCKER board is just the start because you’ll also need a strong paddle and a leash to keep your board with you. If you fall into the water (and you will) your board won’t float away if you’re wearing an ankle leash.

Next, you definitely want a  cooler deck bag for drinks and snacks because SUP works up an appetite and a thirst. Plus, your mates are going to love you for bringing the snacks!

It’s also a smart idea to get and use the carry straps. We make our boards as light as possible but after a killer SUP sesh, your arms will need a break. The carry straps make the trip back to the car that much easier on your tired arms.

There’s an “i” in our name for a reason:  iROCKER boards are inflatable! This makes traveling and storing your board easy. So don’t forget a pump because you’re going to need it.

To make your new SUP life really easy, check out the iRocker Bundle. It comes complete with everything you need to gear up the right way. How’s that for one stop shopping?

Remember your mum and get prepared with the right gear so when the urge to SUP hits, you’ll be ready.

We’d love to hear your ideas for being ever-ready to SUP. Please use the fields below to tell us your failsafe tips.

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