Creating Family Memories with iSup Fun

Let’s face it, there are many things you don’t want to do with your family, like shopping or standing in a really long queue anywhere or commuting on a crowded train. But you’ve decided to plan a day at the water with the kids and now you need ideas to guarantee fun.

If you’re like most parents, the next thing you do is load up the toys, floaties and goggles and then realize you need a full-size wagon just to carry it all. You also need chips, sodas, waters and suddenly, you’re trying to figure out how the idea of a fun family outing became so exhausting. (Maybe standing in queue at the shops doesn’t sound so bad after all.)

But wait! Your first instinct was right — get outside.

You just need a better way to do it. We’re here to help. And of course, we’re going to recommend iSUP on your iROCKER because we know from experience that it works, even with the most couch-committed family in tow.

Inflatable stand up paddle boards by iROCKER are quickly becoming family favorites, and for several great reasons. For starters, they’re super simple to use, even for newbies and scaredy cats. Second, they’re ultra-mobile. We designed them to inflate and deflate in seconds, and fit into a backpack. This means you can stow them in your boot and be ready for a family outing whenever the mood strikes.

Also, iROCKERS are designed to be flexible. If your kids aren’t keen on standing and mastering the whole balancing on water thing, let them sit. The kayak bundle makes it simple and fun. So be ready with the right gear to train the naysayers in your family!

You also might think about carrying one board for the entire family. If you’re the one carrying all the gear, then check out the iROCKER Big Blue. This one board carries up to four-to-five riders at one time, and its extra girth makes maneuvering around debris a simple task.

If you already have a board and simply need another for the kiddos, we recommend the iROCKER Cruiser. It’s so newbie-friendly, even your balance-challenged mother-in-law can balance with ease.

If not your mother-in-law, then think about bringing your dog. Seriously! We have some great advice about SUP-ing with your pet here, and we’re absolutely certain it will make your kids smile.

Are you ready to bring the cool sport of SUP into your family life? We hope you said yes! Giving your family something new and fun to do that’s also easy for you is a total win-win.

Just remember to take lots of pictures and pack some great snacks to keep everyone feeling super happy.

Our entire team at iROCKER totally loves to see families learning to SUP, so please share your stories and family photos using the fields below.

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