5 Uses for Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

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When you hop on an inflatable stand up paddleboard you are going to really experience the water in a whole new way. An inflatable stand up paddleboard can be brought pretty much everywhere. Whether you are traveling and you want to check it with your luggage or you want to throw it in your trunk to go to the beach, they are far easier to travel with than something like a regular old-fashioned paddleboard.

Water Play

Sometimes you do not need to have a real activity or a goal in mind when you get out on the water. This is why the first use for an inflatable stand up paddleboard should always just be basic water play. This is you getting out on the water without a real sense or purpose. Perhaps you have friends or family swimming that you want to paddle around or maybe you want to take someone out with you to show them what paddleboarding is all about. Water play is something that everyone can relate to as it can just be great to get out on the water and enjoy everything around you.

Racing Competitively

In the event that you are someone that likes to get your competitive juices flowing, an inflatable stand up paddleboard may be the right move for you to get involved in the racing scene. There are races with stand up paddleboard all over the world from amateur right up to professionals. The combination of muscle work and cardio that goes into racing competitively in an inflatable stand up paddleboard is going to really push you mentally and physically to new limits.

Stress Relief

The inflatable stand up paddleboard is a great way to work to erase stress. When you get out on the water and there is nothing between you and the water below but that board, it is a feeling of absolute freedom. When you couple this quiet time with an amazing scenery, getting out on a paddleboard can really help you get rid of stress you have in your life.

Getting a Solid Exercise

No one said riding an inflatable stand up paddleboard was easy. Taking that into account, you can really use these boards to help you with your exercise regimen. The balance and the core muscles that are needed to use one of these boards is pretty high. This means that whenever you get on a board you are going to be doing exercise in some capacity. There are ways that you can ramp up your activity so that it is more of an exercise than anything else while you are spending time on the board.

Exploring New Areas  

Are there areas that you would just love to explore on a lake or out on the ocean? An inflatable stand up paddleboard can help you do just that. These boards do not go very deep into the water meaning that you can really get to exploring all sorts of shallow areas that were inaccessible to you in the past with a boat. This can help you discover some new things that you may have never even knew were around you.

There are tons of different uses for an inflatable stand up paddleboard. So many people just see others standing on them out there and paddling away. You may get a sense out of the gate that they could get boring pretty quickly.  This is far from the truth though as you have to use your imagination a bit to see some of the real useful things that you can do on these amazing boards. What iRocker makes with our inflatable stand up paddleboard is a board that is portable and extremely high-quality. The thickness that they use can make all of these activities that much more accessible to everyone involved.

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